The month seemed to start out busy but it was nothing unusual. We made screens and more shirts for the band as well as practiced to get ready for our first show in a while. On Friday night we went to see David play a set with Void Eater, it was a pretty good show. 

I got a new amp that sounds pretty good and is pretty loud. Its a 1978 Kustom solid state. Packs a punch for its size. 

Another week goes by with a couple more adventures... Moon Pussy played our fist show in a long time at a hose show / BBQ in honor of Vacho's birthday. it was good times. We shared the stage with Chromadrift, AJ, Rat Bites, Rare Birds, and Grave Moss. 

The next day we woke up and went Geo Caching up at St. Mary's Glacier. The Cach was mostly garbage but it was a good hike and a beer post was nice. Then of course there was more band practices, I put more casters on more cabs and also some eye screws on my guitar to hopefully act as a makeshift string butler. Other then that Crissy and I hung out, had a crazy night and a breakfast on Saturday and sunday. We also looked for 3 more geos but they were all a bust.