We did not do anything for the fourth of July. This country did not seem like one to celibate very much. But we did have a BBQ and hung out with Alexia and that was fun and mellow. 

The weekend of the 7th Crissy and I went camping. We set out for a site called Camp Dick but it was totally filled up so we ended up on Bunce School Road. It was kind of loud and annoying there as it is but we had a good time and laughed a lot while watching stars. Then Sunday night we went over to Cory's for another great and awesome BBQ

I have been continuing the battle for working amps to various degrees of success. Now the hunt is on for this elusive transistor. 

The following week was a busy one for sure. Moon Pussy played at Mutiny with Shiny Around the Edges on the 11th (weds) and then on Friday we went to see Quintron and Miss Pussycat play at Lost Lake and then they came over and stayed with us. It was a fun night but a challenging morning because Crissy and I both had to wake up for work.